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O que aconteceu no México

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O que aconteceu no México

Mensagem por TJ Curioso em Ter Set 09 2014, 15:27

Aqui fica uma postagem que foi partilhada no facebook e o vídeo sobre o artigo que ajuda a enquadrar a história:

For 46 years Jehovah's Witnesses compromised their worship in Mexico to retain ownership of material property

1995 Yearbook p.211-213 states that from 1932-1943 the Watchtower was registered as a religious organization. However the government required that all property used for religious purposes become federal property. For that reason the Society changed their registration to a "Cultural Society" that educates. This meant that the brothers can no longer sing, pray and use the Bible in their "cultural" meetings. This way they sacrificed the worship of Jehovah, singing praises to him and using the Bible because owning their property and assets was much more important than praying, singing & using the Bible. They made the Government believe that they just educated people culturally and were NOT IN ANY WAY a religious organization.

99.9% of Mexican Witnesses today don't realize that the Governing Body CHOSE to do away with public worship in order to keep their assets. Even traveling overseers believe the evil demonic Mexican Government opposed their worship when in actuality it was deliberately CHOSEN BY THE GOVERNING BODY.

They could've kept praying, singing and using the Bible at meetings but they would have to surrender their Kingdom Halls, Branch facilities, Assembly Halls to the Federal Government. When the laws changed (late 80's early 90's) and religious organizations were allowed to keep their own property, the Governing Body changed their registration as they were no longer a Cultural Society and the brothers were told they can now sing, pray & use the Bible at their meetings.

The naive sheep of course saw this as Jehovah's blessing and shed tears of joy when they were told the news. All along it was the Governing Body that compromised the worship of God for their own benefit.

Here's the quote from the 1995 Year Book of Jehovah's Witnesses
La Torre del Vigía de México—A Cultural Society

"You will recall that back in 1932 La Torre del Vigía de México had been authorized by the government. However, there were obstacles because of the restrictions that the law imposed on all religions. Objections were raised to the house-to-house activity of the Witnesses, since the law stipulated that ‘every religious act of public worship must be held inside the temples.’ For the same reason, objections were raised to our conventions in public places. This was a problem, because these conventions were constantly getting larger. Owning property also presented problems, because the law required that every building used for religious purposes had to become federal property.

For these and other reasons, the Society decided that it would be wise to reorganize, with a view to giving greater emphasis to the educational nature of our work. Therefore, on June 10, 1943, application was made to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs to register La Torre del Vigía as a civil society, and this was approved on June 15, 1943.

With this rearrangement, singing at our meetings was discontinued, and the meeting places became known as Halls for Cultural Studies. No audible prayers were said at meetings, though nothing could prevent a person from saying an earnest prayer silently in his heart. Every appearance of a religious service was avoided, and truly our meetings are designed for education. When Witnesses in other lands began to call their local groups “congregations,” the Witnesses in Mexico kept on using the term “companies.” House-to-house visits by the Witnesses continued, and with even more zeal; but direct use of the Bible at doors was avoided. Instead, publishers learned the texts by heart so that they could quote them. They also made good use of the book “Make Sure of All Things,” which is a compilation of Scripture quotations on many subjects. Only on return visits and on studies (which were termed “cultural” instead of “Bible”) was the Bible itself used.

The principal work of Jehovah’s Witnesses remained the same, namely, preaching the good news of God’s Kingdom."
"*** yb95 pp. 211-213 Mexico ***
"In 1989, with the approval of the Governing Body, a letter was written to all the “companies” saying that as of April 1, we would be operating in Mexico as a religious organization."   yb95 page 233 Mexico
During this same time period (1943 - 1989) the WT hypocritically printed:
*** w79 5/15 p. 21 par. 15 Prayer in These “Last Days” ***If we compromise in order to avoid persecution, then, of course, there would be no need to keep on praying. This would not only indicate a lack of faith, but would also result in our losing the evidence of being one of God’s Christian servants.

*** w74 4/1 p. 202 Does Fear of Neighbor Control Your Life? ***Those few of Jehovah’s witnesses who denied their faith while in the German concentration camps during World War II were held up to ridicule before the entire camp by the Nazi officers, reviled as hypocrites and cowards. Some of them were asked, “Now that you have denied your God Jehovah, what god will you serve?”

*** w70 4/1 p. 219 par. 16 When Building Disciples, Motivate the Heart *** (Malawi)When a Christian witness of Jehovah of Ntifinyire Village was beaten for refusing to purchase a political card, Banda’s youths took a knife and made cuts encircling his arms and then his legs and inflicted many cuts on his head. Other Witnesses had six-inch nails driven into their feet, bicycle spokes were forced through their legs and then these Christians were told to run. Still others were tortured with a burning stick placed against their arms, legs, head and entire body. Still these Witnesses refused to compromise their religious beliefs or deny their God Jehovah under such barbaric torture. You may be called upon someday to prove your faith. How will your faith stand up?
*** w57 8/15 p. 496 par. 11 Happy Are the Peaceable ***Though total support and worship is demanded by Satan’s organization today, true Christians follow the example of the faithful Hebrew men of old, who refused to compromise their worship, even though threatened with death.
*** w57 2/1 p. 75 Faith Conquers the World ***Christendom likes to sing hymns about “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to face the foe,” but by their course of action they show that they do not have the faith of Daniel. They see only some visible enemies and even with them they compromise.
*** w52 5/1 p. 264 par. 17 1914 a Marked Year! ***Thus in spite of Satan’s ironlike governments and their strong powers of persecution Jehovah’s people in all ages have stood apart and survived. It is only those who have shown a lack of faith and who compromised that would take themselves out from under God’s special care.
I'm sure that the prophet Daniel would be very proud of them for following his example of non-compromise.

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Re: O que aconteceu no México

Mensagem por TJ esclarecido em Ter Set 09 2014, 18:06

Correndo o risco de violar direitos de autor Morrer a rir
isto é o que me ocorre dizer:

A hipocrisia, suprema perversão moral, é o charco podre e dormente que impregna a atmosfera de miasmas mortíferos e que salteia o homem no meio de paisagens ridentes: é o réptil que se arrasta por entre as flores e morde a vítima descuidada." (Alexandre Herculano)

e ainda ...

" ... Porque a pessoa sinuosa é algo detestável para Jeová" (Provérbios 3:32) TNM

"Se apenas houvesse uma única verdade, não poderiam pintar-se cem telas sobre o mesmo tema"
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