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Um ex-Mórmon no Corpo Governante? Leiam!

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Um ex-Mórmon no Corpo Governante? Leiam!

Mensagem por TJ Curioso em Ter Jul 10 2012, 12:19

Publicado no site http://christianwitnesses.com


For a photo of Guy Pierce click this link then scroll to about half-way down

Most interestingly the following string says Guy H. Pierce may be an Ex-Mormon, like Gerritt Losch condemns Jehovah’s Witnesses getting a "higher education," had a bitter divorce after which he began pioneering in April 1982 with second wife, Penny, who is Asian. After appearing before a Judicial Committee due to accusations by his first wife, he was only counseled. Also claimed is that Pierce has some children.

He was a Circuit Overseer from 1986 until 1997. Barbara Anderson, who long worked at Watchtower world headquarters has noted that in 1992 then living Governing Body member Ted Jaracz had him and a few other well-known circuit and district overseers to lean on child abuse victims to shut them up, causing a number of victims to send complaints to headquarters. Jaracz called Guy Pierce to Bethel and put him in the Service Department until helping him be appointed to the Governing Body in October 1999. http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/206074/3/What-sort-of-person-is-GB-member-Guy-Pierce

If it's true that Guy H. Pierce has a Mormon (LDS) background, this could help explain the increasing emphasis by him and other Watchtower Governing Body members that regular Jehovah's Witnesses disregard the words of anointed JWs say who are not on the Governing Body as such power consolidation resembles that of the Mormon quorum or council of twelve. There is also a notably increased effort by the Governing Body effort to get more money from Jehovah's Witness members. Watchtower and other groups including Scientology have also colloaborated with the pro-cult group CESNUR.
The google.com search box shows that Arwel Lee Pierce was a prominent LDS Mormon who lived 1882-1962. He was born in Utah but his family moved to the northern state of Chihuahua in Mexico, specifically Colonia Diaz and later Colonia Durban. He became a member of the Mormon Priesthood and the Mormon Mexico Mission in Oaxaca, southern Mexico). Among other Mormon colonists at Colonia Durban were Gaskin Romney and his son George, and George was father of Mitt Romeny, an immensely wealth ($250 million) candidate in 2012 for the U.S. Presidency.

There is no indication one way or another at this point that Guy H. Pierce is related to Arwel pierce. It is known that from 1901 to 1903, Arwel Pierce attended the Juarez Stake Academy under the presidency of a Professor named Guy Wilson who was very influential and encouraged him to become a teacher although due to family needs Arwel Pierce instead became a very wealthy businessman dealing in lumber and viniculture. http://www.orsonprattbrown.com/MexicanMission/arwell-pierce.html
The website www.veromi.com gives for Guy H Pierce: approximate age 77; has lived in Brooklyn, NY, Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, Eastsound, WA, Woodbum, OR; possible relationships: Pablo Andres Pierce, Regina L Turner, Joseph Allen Pierce, Rodney F Pierce, Penny W Pierce.

If you know something else about this, email jmasonemerson@yahoo.com

TJ Curioso
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Re: Um ex-Mórmon no Corpo Governante? Leiam!

Mensagem por so em Qua Jul 11 2012, 14:37

Como diz o It aquilo e um "corpo desgovernado" nada que venha de lá me espanta

Conhecereis a internet e a internet vos libertará.

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Re: Um ex-Mórmon no Corpo Governante? Leiam!

Mensagem por liberto em Qua Jul 11 2012, 18:03

coitado nao mudou p melhor!!


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Re: Um ex-Mórmon no Corpo Governante? Leiam!

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